Mikey’s Muffins Product Review

I’m not the one to fall on the gluten-free fad train because I am not gluten-intolerant at all. In fact, I stay clear of the gluten-free products partly as a personal fad diet-rebellion (Jimmy Kimmel, anyone?).

That being said, I definitely understand the severe consequences if one is actually gluten-intolerant as I have a friend who cannot even touch anything with gluten. So when I found Mikey’s Muffins via Instagram, I began thinking of all the products that affected people had to give up.

To have to avoid certain products without sacrificing taste or health is a difficult feat. A lot of gluten-free products I have seen are loaded with sugar or unnecessary additives. Don’t get me wrong, I love the standard English muffins, but when you have no choice but to limit some of your options due to health concerns, that’s where Mickey’s Muffins comes in the picture and by far stands out.

New Image

I couldn’t help but be drawn into the amazing creations they had featured on their page. Plus, the fact that they only have 6 allergen-friendly ingredients, and they are all pronounceable was a bigger bonus.

New Image1

How amazing do those ingredients sound? These products are a great source of healthy fats and protein.

Mikey’s Muffins had the intention of breaking “the mold” and have “given people with certain food allergies or health restrictions a delicious option to reintroduce a clean bread product in their daily lives.”

They are gluten-free, soy-free, paleo friendly, low carb, low-calorie, grain-free, and only 6 ingredients.

The company was gracious enough to send me their products to try, and I thought of making a (semi) paleo friendly meal to honor the standards of the company.

New Image3

The verdict: these muffins are absolutely delicious. As the website states, it does take longer to toast, but I took Michael’s, the CEO, advice and put the muffin under the broiler until golden brown.

The texture wasn’t exactly like a traditional English muffin. It was slightly more crumbly, and not as fluffy and crispy. I’m thinking that is due to the coconut flour, but the entire muffin held together very nicely and did not fall apart at all. It had a slightly nutty taste from the almond flour, with a tiny hint of sweetness as well that complimented the savory poached egg.

I would definitely buy this product again and would highly recommend it if you are looking for allergen-friendly food with simple ingredients.


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