The Dough Bar DOUGHnuts Review

The Dough Bar was kind enough to send me some of their protein DOUGHnuts to try out. They are a new company that just launched their website about a week ago.

The Dough Bar was started by two people who genuinely care about everyone’s well-being. What I love about The Dough Bar is that they are a fresh, small company which means they can be very transparent about their ingredients and process. They make all their DOUGHnuts handmade, fresh from their production site. They also pack their DOUGHnuts into cute boxes!

dough bar 1

The macros aren’t bad either for those who keep track. I do not keep track anymore, but this is a great option for those who track according to their goals.

dough bar 3

In fact, The Dough Bar offers macro-adjustable DOUGHnuts such as ones for “cheat days” (AKA just higher calorie donuts and DELICIOUS looking toppings), ones that are competition prep friendly, and ones that are just average amount, which is the box The Dough Bar sent me.

dough bar 4

The box also has a description of the glazes on the side of the box, and how to pair the toppings with the glaze. I thought this feature was very cute and very made it easy to prep the DOUGHnuts. And yes, I did step number one, and the freshness is real. The DOUGHnut has a nice cinnamon smell to it, and the dough is very soft. The actual taste of the DOUGHnut plain is amazing on its own, and I could taste the warm hint of cinnamon.

dough bar 2

The first on the list that I tried was Maple Glaze with Honey Roasted Almonds. This DOUGHnut was pretty good. The honey roasted almonds paired perfectly with the maple glaze. The crunch was exactly what the DOUGHnut needed. The glaze reminded me of maple syrup too, but just sweeter and thicker.

maple almond slice

Next I tried the Berry Glaze with Berry Granola. The berry glaze reminded me of a strawberry taste, and also kind of thick like the maple. This glaze was just a little bit too sweet though, and I had to drink some water. But the granola was amazing. It reminded me of this strawberry granola I used to get when I was a kid and religiously ate everyday.

berry granola

Next was the Reese’s Peanut Butter Glaze with Mini Chocolate Chips. Oh. My. Gosh. This one was by far my favorite one. I am a sucker for peanut butter and chocolate, and when paired together, it is a match heaven. Again, the glaze was thick, but this one was thicker than the others. I wish there was a little more of a peanut butter flavor to it because I love peanut butter, but overall, this flavor is a must try.

reeses chocolate

Last was the Vanilla Almond glaze with Sprinkles! This was so fun because of the brightly colored sprinkles.I have to admit, the glaze made me nervous to try because I am not a huge fan of the almond taste, but the almond was more of a hint rather than a full taste. I could taste the vanilla more than the almond. And the sprinkles of course added a fun touch, and actually paired very well with the glaze. I thought it was an interesting combination.

almond sprinkle

I would have to rank the DOUGHnuts by

1) Reese’s with mini chocolate chips

2) Maple glaze with honey roasted almonds

3) Berry glaze with berry granola

4) Almond Vanilla with sprinkles

dough bar 5

Make sure to check out The Dough Bar for good quality, homemade, fresh DOUGHnuts!

Instagram: @doughbardoughnuts,



dough bar 6


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