Square Bar Review: All Flavors

Thank you Square Bars for sending me a sample box of their bars! Here is a complete review on their new organic coated bars! You can use my discount code “hungrygirl325” for 20% off a box over at www.squarebar.com!

Chocolate Coated Mint Chocolate Bar


This one packed quite a bit of mint flavor. Usually, I’m put off by too much of mint because it tends to taste like toothpaste. In this case, when eaten as a whole, I could taste a slight bitterness from the mint extract, and it was a little overpowering for my taste buds. In little chunks though, it was much more enjoyable because you also got the sweet chocolate coating. Overall, I wasn’t too surprised at my reaction to this bar since I am particular on mint products. But on the plus side, you probably wouldn’t have to carry around mints or gum if you have this bar on hand.

Chocolate Coated Coconut Bar


This bar was actually good considering I’m not the biggest fan of coconut! The coconut taste isn’t too overpowering at all like the mint bar. I do tend to like coconut paired with chocolate though, and that could have contributed to why I really like this bar. Coconut fan or not, I still recommend this bar!

Chocolate Coated Crunch Bar

chocolate crunch brownies

This one is by far my favorite bar. Simple, but deliciously chocolaty. It reminded me of a dark chocolate Crunch bar. There were in fact little crunchy pieces in it, which made it fun to eat because there were little “airy” chunks.

Chocolate Coated Cherry Bar


I heard good things about this one so I was excited to try it! I was imagining more of an artificial and overpowering cherry taste like the chocolate covered cherries from the store, but this bar didn’t taste like that all. There was a more subtle cherry taste. Paired with the chocolate coating made it a perfect snack when you’re craving chocolate and fruit.

Chocolate Coated Almond Spice Bar

almond spice

I have to admit. This is a very unique sounding flavor, and I had no idea what to expect when taking a bite. I have to say though, I really liked this one! Only because it tasted exactly like the Chocolate Coated Crunch Bar. Unfortunately, I couldn’t taste the “Almond Spice” at all, which I was hoping would give the bar a very unique flavor. Doesn’t mean this bar was disappointing, but I just wish it had it’s own distinct flavor like the other ones had.


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