“Slip-Up” Update: A Foodie Adventure in San Francisco, Day 2

Hey everyone! Welcome to Part 3/Day 2 of my mini series on my recent foodie adventure weekend in SF!

If you missed it, here is Part 1/Intro to the series.

Here is Part 2/Day 1 of the series.

Here is Part 4/Conclusion.

Okay here we go!

Place #1: Mr. Holmes Bakehouse


This was one of two things my boyfriend, Paul, and I got at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. We’ve been wanting to go so bad ever since we went to my friend Marissa’s graduation party and of course, like the typical foodies we are, were watching Food Network. We really wanted the cruffin, but we woke up too late and then we were too lazy leaving the hotel. Oops! This donut was not a loss though. In fact, I’m kind of glad we missed the cruffin because this donut was to DIE for! The citrus and tropical flavors of the guava filling paired amazing with the super fluffy and light donut.

Usually this would give me anxiety, but in all honesty, donuts aren’t as high in calories as I thought they were. Yes, maybe that’s a “bad” or wrong way of getting over a fear food, but it is an accomplishment still being able to eat it and accept it rather than blowing it all out of proportion, getting an anxiety attack, making things difficult, and ruining the day already. Still, I recognize that I shouldn’t be okay with eating something just because it’s not as high calories as I believed. It’s something to work on!


This was the second thing we got from Mr. Homes Bakehouse! It was a shortbread cookie “thing” (I don’t really remember what the guy said), with white chocolate mousse and chocolate fudge on top. I was more scared for this than I was with the donut since it’s more dense for such a small little thing. I did try it though. It was good, but I don’t think I could’ve taken more than a couple bites because it left me pretty thirsty and it was pretty rich. Although I probably could’ve ate a million of the fudge pieces! No guilt after eating this, which is good considering that I was nervous and sugar is still my number 1 fear food!

Place #2: Mazarine Coffee


Okay, so I’ve seen the famous avocado toast all over Instagram, but I’ve never tried it myself because either I’ve been too lazy to go buy bread and avocado or ED didn’t allow it because bread + fat (even though it’s healthy fat). But something about having it from a cafe didn’t scare me! I was actually really excited to try my first avocado toast.

When they gave me the plate, I froze for a second because there was OIL on it *cue dramatic music*. Oh the horror! At least for my ED. Avocado and oil just seemed unnecessary added calories. However, I still ate it, and it was amazing. I still don’t think the oil was necessary, but that is coming from the real me. I feel like it just didn’t really add any flavor, even though I know they wouldn’t put it on the toast if it didn’t add anything.

There was also cream cheese on the toast, which surprised me.

It felt like something I was so excited for was just giving me a challenge after challenge. But I finished it and it was delicious. I’m so happy I got to try it, and it was an incredibly healthy snack/afternoon meal.

Actually it was from this meal that I was hit with the realization that there are so many other foods out there that aren’t vegetables that would leave me feeling really good inside, give me lots of nutrients, and satisfy me. Who knew this simple piece of toast would impact me so much?

Place #3: Super Duper Burgers


I feel like burgers are not even a challenge for me anymore. I was seriously looking forward to coming here! Plus I was hungry, so it was perfect we were going to a burger place.

I got the veggie burger. The menu was a little limited, so this was the only thing that really sounded good to me. But I am not complaining! I was greeted with a fully stuffed burger that was dripping, but not overly saturated, with hummus! I also added grilled onions, mustard, and jalapenos because I love my spice! I wasn’t nervous about adding them either.

Burgers used to be a huge fear food. In fact, I’ve never had a burger until junior year of high school, and then the next time I had a burger was senior year of high school. Even then I only had two burgers. The next time I had a  burger was when I started going out with Paul. But we get them so often, that I’ve just conquered burgers now! And I love them. Now I have to go out and get tons of burgers to make up for all the years lost of not having any!

I mention the fact that burgers have such a wrongfully negative stigma on them in my last post that you can read.

Place #4: Humphry Slocombe


This was the last place we went! I love ice cream and I do get it quite often I would say when I’m with Paul, so you would think that it’s not a fear food anymore, but unfortunately it still is. I have my on and off days with them. On my first food adventure with Paul, it wasn’t hard at all even though I was very anxious about it. However, for some reason after that time, I got more and more guilty about having ice cream. Instead of feeling more accomplished after having another cone, and feeling more confident in eating ice cream, ED kind of freaked out on me, and tries to tell me I don’t need it. ED can be weird like that though.

With this cone though, not only did I have this cone and ice cream and not even be tempted to purge afterwards, I also sampled almost all the ice creams that they had at the store. I think it helped that they had such unique flavors, and I convinced myself I wasn’t going to have the opportunity to try these flavors again anytime soon.

Ice cream flavors at this place included flavors such as Mint Chip Pepper (super unique and more a savory ice cream that actually wasn’t that bad), Wine & Cheese (noooooo thank you! But interesting idea), Elvis (omg yes except there was bacon which was a turn off…sorry Paul!), and Secret Breakfast (it had bourbon and it was good, but I could taste the alcohol). I went with the Kumquat Poppy Seed though because it was so refreshing and I love kumquats!

It was the perfect ending to the perfect weekend.


Part 1/Intro here.

Part 2/Day 1 here.

Part 4/Conclusion here.


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